How To Make Hummus – Best & Easy Hummus Recipe

Anyone who loves enjoying dips and sauces must be aware of the famous Middle Eastern beige dip, called Hummus. If you have only enjoyed eating hummus in restaurants and never tried preparing it at home, the question, How To Make Hummus must have popped up in your mind every time you had it.

How To Make Hummus

Do not worry anymore. I have got the answer to your question because I had been the one among you a few years ago. Born and brought up in the U.S, I have enjoyed and loved eating hummus many times, but for me, it was always something that can be bought from a store or a restaurant.

As I grew up, my love for hummus made me look for its recipe, and it came out that it is very simple and easy to make and does not require a long list of ingredients. Hence, I tried, and it turned out a super hit recipe that was loved and appreciated by the whole family and friends.

Therefore, I am sharing this recipe here with all hummus lovers because I want you to enjoy the stunning aroma and uncountable health benefits of fresh homemade hummus that you cannot get in a store bought one.

How To Make Hummus To Tantalize Your Taste Buds

I know you are very excited about finding out the recipe so that you may run to the kitchen and make it for the next meal. But, before you get into the kitchen, you might need to run to the grocery store to get your hands on the ingredients required to make this dip.

First, here is the list of the ingredients you will need to make the best creamiest hummus at home.

Though the ingredients are very simple and most of them are usually available in our kitchens. However, you may still need to check if something is missing because we definitely do not want to compromise on the taste and quality of our hummus.

Ingredients You Will Need To Make Hummus At Home

3 cups of boiled chickpeas: Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo Beans, are the key ingredient for hummus.

how to make hummus at home

I know it might be easier for you to use a boiled and canned store bought chickpeas. Still, if you want to experience preservatives free homemade freshness, there is nothing better than buying a pack of raw chickpeas, soak them overnight in water and boil them in the morning.

1/3 cup of Tahini: Are you wondering what is Tahini? It is a smooth paste obtained by grinding sesame seeds to a creamy texture. It may taste a little bitter, but this is the beauty of the dip. You can make tahini paste at home if you have a good food processor at home.

1 or 2 Garlic Cloves: Peel the cloves, and if you do not like to have the pungent smell of garlic, you may soak these cloves in lemon juice for 15 minutes.

1 Lemon Juice: This ingredient is used to enhance the flavor by adding a slight tang to it and to add the refreshing aroma of lemon.

make hummus with lemon juicer

Olive oil: Give your hummus the eye catching and mouth watering drizzle with this healthy and soft tasted nutrient rich oil.

A pinch of Kosher Salt: I believe salt enhances the taste of every food. Even if it is something sweet, a pinch of salt will work wonders. But it totally depends upon your choice. You may increase, decrease, or completely skip the amount of Kosher salt according to your taste.

Equipment Required For Preparing the Recipe

The most important thing besides the taste while making hummus is its texture. The dip should come out very smooth and creamy. Otherwise, you will not enjoy eating it. I bet you will end up saying, Damn! The store bought hummus is much better. I won’t waste my time again.

best food processor for hummus

But trust me. You are blaming the wrong thing for the wrong reason. The culprit is the equipment, not the recipe. To get the desired results, you need a powerful and efficient food processor that can turn chickpeas and other ingredients into a smooth paste.

My recommendation for making the finest paste is Magimix Compact 4200 XL

I know I have taken too long to jump to the recipe. Let me start it now without further ado.

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How To Make Hummus?

The first thing you need to do while making hummus is getting your ingredients ready. As our first ingredient is chickpeas, check them for tenderness. The softer the chickpeas are, the creamier your hummus will be. Therefore, let them boil for longer as compared to regular boiling.

homemade hummus recipe

The skin of chickpeas is edible, but it may affect the creaminess of the final product. Hence, it is better that you take the skin off. You can do it easily by rubbing them softly between your palms while washing them under the running water.

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Get Started

First of all, put Tahini and lemon juice together in the food processor. Cover the lid and turn it on. Let it do its job until the paste turns fluffier and lighter in color. It may take a minute or two depending upon the performance of your best food processor.

Once, tahini turns to a fluffy pale paste, start adding the remaining ingredients gradually, starting with the lighter ingredients. Put in the garlic cloves. Let the processor run for at least a minute whenever you add a new ingredient.

Follow up with chickpeas. Be careful. You do not need to put them all together. Add at intervals, with a half cup at a time. You may need to let your top rated food processor run some extra time to achieve that creamy texture.

Time To Check The Consistency And Serving

Once done, check the paste with the help of a spoon. Rub it between your thumb and finger to check if it still has some chunks, and the machine needs to work again. You may add some olive oil while processing to help the processor run easily.

Use a spatula to take the dip out. Pour it into the serving dish and drizzle it with olive oil.

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Foods to Enjoy With Hummus

As hummus is a dip, you can enjoy it with any of your favorite snacks and foods, but traditionally it is served with pita bread, chicken shawarma, kebobs, and breakfast bread.

best food processor for hummus

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is hummus fattening or good for you?

Some people have this misconception that hummus can make you fat. We make this sauce with whole foods like chickpeas, and healthy fats such as tahini and olive oil. Hence, it does not make you fat if consumed in moderation.

Is it cheaper to make your own hummus?

Homemade hummus is slightly cheaper than the store bought container. The container costs me $3 for 1 cup while I buy ingredients for $2.5, which give me 1.5 cups of hummus.

Can I eat hummus every day?

Over consuming anything can be detrimental to your health. You can add hummus to your daily diet but eat it in moderation, and do not forget to fulfill your body’s requirements of all other nutrients too.

Is Homemade hummus healthy?

Hummus has unsaturated healthy fats that are good for your brain and heart. Moreover, it is a good source of protein and fiber.

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