Can You Grind Coffee Beans in A Food Processor – Easy Steps

If you have ever faced a situation where you picked up a bag of whole coffee beans accidentally. And you thought you are buying ground coffee. Then most probably, you had got a question in your mind. Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Food Processor?

Can You Grind Coffee Beans in A Food Processor

And to your surprise, the answer is YES! So if you have kept that accidentally bought bag somewhere in your kitchen cabinets, it’s time to bring it out. Because in this article, I will guide you about the procedure, how can you grind coffee beans in a food processor? If you want to buy a food processor that is reliable then do not forget to check this guide.

How Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Food Processor?

Coffee beans are one of the most notorious ingredients to grind. But do not worry. It does not mean that you have to go without a cup of coffee. And the good news is that you probably have something in your kitchen that will help you deal with this job.

All you need to do is follow a few steps to get a cup of brewed coffee that is heavenly aromatic because you just ground it fresh. I know you are anxious to know what is that thing in your kitchen that I have mentioned earlier.

Let me tell you now. It is nothing else than your beloved food processor that helps you in all other kitchen jobs. It means you do not have to own a coffee grinder. Because when I say a food processor is Kitchen King, then I really mean it.

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Before I tell you the whole procedure, let me tell you one thing. You might be thinking that going through all the procedure of grinding coffee beans is a wastage of time. But trust me. Freshly ground beans give you a much better taste. Because they are not exposed to oxidation for long. Hence, the taste is preserved from being stale and bland.

 How Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Food Processor – Easy Method

As you know, food processors mostly come with various accessories that may include a work bowl, a blending jug, and a dry grinding mill. Your model of food processor might be having all three of them or any two or one of these accessories.

 How Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Food Processor

If you have a processor with all three of them, you are equipped with all the necessary gear for grinding coffee beans. Do not get startled. I ain’t going to give you a bad news otherwise. If you need a combo food processor with both blender jug and work bowl then you can find some good brands in the market.

If your food processor does not have all those attachments, even then, it deserves to be loved because any one of these accessories will be enough for transforming your coffee beans into the elixir you are craving.

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Ready, Get Set, Go!

Let me now begin the method that you need to follow for getting your favorite potion that you need to begin your day with, or otherwise you will be lying in your bed like lazybones because you missed that energy shot. At least, this is what happens to me when I don’t get my coffee on time.

Can You Grind Coffee Beans in A Food Processor

So, the journey begins.

Step To Step Procedure

Here is a step to step guide on how can you grind coffee beans in a food processor. Because I do not want you to feel lost somewhere in between.

There is no rocket science in getting your hands on ground coffee with your best food processor.

Grind With The Dry Mill

  • If you have a processor with all three accessories then using a dry grinding mill will work best for you
  • Fix it over the motor base
  • Put in the beans and turn on the gadget
  • Let the magic happen until you get your desired form of ground coffee
  • Be careful. If the material of your grinding mill is glass or plastic then it is not a suitable gear for this purpose. Because it may break with the hard beans hitting its walls with pressure

best food processor

Give Your Blender A Try

  • So, it is now time to trying the blender jug for grinding coffee beans
  • Follow the same steps you followed with the grinder
  • Once you have turned the blender on, keep an eye on the thickness and evenness of the produce
  • If you need a fine powder, let the blender work for longer
  • Do not fill your blender jug much or otherwise it won’t be able to produce the desired results
  • You may have to use the pulse button to keep things moving

Give The Work Bowl A Chance

  • Give the work bowl of your food processor a chance and I bet it won’t disappoint you
  • You can fill it more than the blender. In fact, you have to fill it more to get better results. Because the flat shape of the bowl processes well when ingredients cover the blades
  • Press the button that will turn the blades on. Let it work until you can see the ground beans are meeting your expectations
  • If you need a coarse ground then almost one minute is enough to get the desired granules
  • If you need fine powder then it may take 2 or more minutes

There are few other methods like grinding beans with mortar and pestle or using a hammer, but they are more time taking and need a lot more effort, that you don’t have to go through if you are blessed with a device like a good food processor.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Can you use a food processor to grind coffee beans?

Yes. A food processor is designed to deal with diverse functions. You can use it for grinding, chopping, slicing, shredding, etc. Hence, you can use it for grinding coffee beans too.

Can I grind coffee beans without a grinder?

You do not have to own a coffee grinder to grind coffee beans. Your regular blender or food processor can grind them for you. Moreover, some juicers are also available in the market that are versatile and can be used for grinding.

How long should you grind coffee beans?

You can get a coarse ground in 30 to 35 seconds or double the time if you need a finely powdered coffee.

Should I grind my own coffee beans?

You will never regret grinding your own coffee beans. The freshly ground beans taste better and are more aromatic.

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Final Thoughts

I hope I have now fully armed your mind with all the knowledge you needed to grind your coffee beans at home. So, it is now time to enjoy your freshly brewed and freshly ground coffee, because you know how can you grind coffee beans in a food processor.

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