Best Immersion Blender 2023 – 8 Top Rated Blenders With Reviews

Immersion blenders can be used in a variety of ways. The handheld instrument, often known as a hand blender, includes a motor on one end and blades on the other. They can handle complex things like blending smoothies and pureeing soups. You don’t need to move stuff as you do in blenders. As well as tiny tasks like beating cream and creating dressings can be done quickly in it. And if you want to know which is the Best Immersion Blender 2023, then read on.

best immersion blender

Adding an immersion blender to your kitchen inventory may be a good option whether you’d like to make soups, sauces, smoothies, or all three. An immersion blender is significantly more adaptable than a standard blender. It can froth milk, beat eggs, and even cut vegetables since it often comes with accessories.

Moreover, it’s much easier to handle than a full-size blender if you don’t have a lot of storage space. While we’ve written about various appliances for your blending requirements, we’ve compiled a list of the best immersion blender 2023 based on Amazon’s most appreciative reviews.

Our Top Picks

Best Immersion Blender 2023

1All-Clad Cordless⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Waring (WSB60)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Braun MQ5025⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Cuisinart CSB-77⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5KitchenAid KHBV53⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Cuisinart CSB-179⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7Vitamix Immersion⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8Braun MultiQuick⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best Immersion Blender 2023 Reviews:

Here are the 8 Best Immersion Blenders For 2023 based on all of the features.

1 – All-Clad Cordless Immersion Multi-Functional – Best Cordless Immersion Blender

Best immersion blender

This blender has a rechargeable battery that lasts for fifteen minutes at high speed. In our testing on a fully charged battery, do you not like being bound to one area in the kitchen or don’t have a plug near your burner (it took about two hours to recharge from empty fully). Take into account that the charging unit will require some storage space.

The features that brought this blender up in the list of the best immersion blender 2023 are given below.


For highly precise operation, it has a motor with adjustable speed settings. For maximum convenience and blending everywhere you go, go cordless. Appropriate with a wide range of containers and large enough to access those tough places, Further attachments can be added to complete various preparation chores. It’s not a good idea to use it in nonstick or cast iron cookware.

The safety feature is one of our favorites: press a button on the front to unlock, then push the button to activate. If you don’t press the button after 30 seconds, it will automatically lock. Stainless steel is used for the blade attachments and the handles, which are slender, pleasant, but not at all slippery.

The stainless steel arm of the immersion blender is removable and dishwasher safe. It has five-speed settings and a security lock that prevents it from switching on when not being used. The immersion blender comes in two colors: black and silver.

Best Quiet Blender 2023

  • Powerful 600-watts motor.
  • Variable speed.
  • Cordless.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA free.
  • The full charge run time is 6-9 minutes.
  • They are not recommended with non-stick and cast iron utensils.

2 – Waring (WSB60) Heavy-Duty – Most Professional Immersion Blender

best hand blender

The Waring WSB65 16″ Big Stik immersion blender is ideal for making soup, batters, or sauces in batches. The heavy-duty engine minimizes the risk of burning, and the varied processing speeds make it simple to purée dense foods. To clean your equipment fast and easily, detach the shaft and drop it in the dishwasher. The handle on this blender is of rubber.


For industrial kitchens, Waring HeavyDuty Immersion Blenders are the ideal option! Waring Heavy-Duty Immersion Blenders are for commercial service and feature high-performance 1 hp motors with 9-speed choices.

In the best immersion hand blenders review, the Heavy-Duty blender consistently obtains great marks from users. That’s because this can cut through all the toughest components in seconds to create sauces, batters, and soups. This blender, which is made of stainless steel and plastics, will provide the most stable operation.

More significantly, it boasts a 16-inch stainless steel shaft encased, easily detachable, and dishwasher safe. You won’t have to worry about the time-consuming cleaning procedure with this Heavy-Duty immersion blender.

Best Blender with Glass Jar

  • Extremely powerful.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • For safe and supportive operation, it has a comfortable, rubberized grip and a second handle.
  • 16-inch stainless steel shaft that is detachable and dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel blade that can be used for a variety of tasks.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Make noise sometimes.

3 – Braun MQ5025 Hand Blender – Most Economical Blender

Braun MQ5025 Hand Blender

Braun’s most economical hand blender is the MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand Blender. And for such a low-cost stick blender, it has a variety of interesting and impressive functions.

If you’re curious, Braun is the most well-known brand of immersion blenders. This hand blender offers far more speed settings, is the least messy, and is among the most ergonomic. That’s a lot of adjectives for a particular product, I’ve wanted to say.


The strong motor in the Braun Multiquick 5 combines with ultra-hard stainless steel blades to process so many contents than traditional hand blenders.

When it comes to creating your recipe, these varied options provide plenty of options. Braun has its own exclusive PowerBall innovation that distinguishes it from the competition. Primarily, their bell guard looks like a flower, which minimizes spills, lowers suction, and allows ingredients to flow freely. You’re in for a surprise, particularly with the included 21-speed regulator.

The Braun Multiquick 5V has four buttons that make it simple to operate. One controller controls the variable speed (on/off), another controls turbo or pulse, and two more control the quick release feature.

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  • Convenient and sleek design.
  • Medium price range.
  • Removable shaft for easy cleaning.
  • BPA free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 21-speed can be over whelming for biggners.

4 – Cuisinart CSB-77  – Best Rated Immersion Blender

Best rated immersion blender

Cuisinart’s Smart Stick Hand Blender is a useful kitchen tool. I use it for our daily meals at a minimum of a few times per week. I also remember it being incredibly handy for mashing up baby food at one time! This is a powerful tool, particularly if you don’t have a lot of counter space. It includes a whisk attachment, a chopper, and a mixing pitcher additional to the blender.

In general, the Cuisinart Smart Stick is a competent, dependable small hand blender. It is capable of performing most chores well, but not heavy-duty work.


The Smartstick’s comfortable and simple grip should not be overlooked. Even though like many other hand blenders, this one isn’t designed to crush ice, customers have observed that it works well to blend broken ice into smoothies and other drinks. While some customers may not care about this, holding on to your ninja blender is a matter of both comfort and safety, and this blender comes out ahead.

The Smart stick is also simple to put together, disassemble, and wash. Most of the detachable parts are dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to worry about hand-washing them and can rest certain that your food is safe.

Cuisinart offers a limited 3-year guarantee on all the other blenders, and most of the accessories and beakers are dishwasher safe. You’ll need to study your blender’s instructions to figure out which pieces need to be hand-washed.

Best Blender for Margaritas 2023

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Includes a mini chopper and a whisk.
  • It disassembles for easy storage and cleaning.
  • Designed to provide a secure grip.
  • It only works at a single speed.
  • Splashing may occur when you are using the shallow container.

5 – KitchenAid KHBV53DG Variable – Versatile Immersion Blender

best immersion blender

KitchenAid has always been a reliable name in the kitchen industry. This versatile immersion blender is a very useful tool by the company. You can perform a variety of jibs with this useful machine. You can use it for making milkshakes, smoothies, sauces, pastes, and a lot more.

When it comes to durability and performance, this immersion blender by KitchenAid is unmatchable. Therefore, we have added this blender to the list of the best immersion blender 2023.


Blend foods for milkshakes, smoothies, sauces, dips, and far more with this 4-point stainless steel blade. Because many immersion blenders only have two or three blades, KitchenAid  ramped it up here, which you’ll notice in the smoothness of your mixes. It also includes a Variable Speed Trigger Switch, which leads to a better recipe versatility and precision.

Detachable Skillet Guard (US Patent Pending To aid with the protection of your kitchenware. Blending Pitcher with Cover, whose capacity is  3-Cup and is also BPA-Free. This blender is especially good for soups, according to reviewers. The blender arm is also detachable, making the gadget even more portable, and it’s dishwasher safe—ideal for single blending activities, as well as serving or storing for later use.

Best Blender Food Processor Combo 2023

There’s more to blending than simply blending quickly, and there are occasions when you want to use a more gentle touch. When creating hummus, you’ll want to use a different speed than when blending a smoothie. This blender will allow you to make whatever you’re doing at the perfect pace.

Best Blender for Acai Bowl 2023

  • Removable blending arm.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Versatile.
  • 8-inch long blending arm.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • It’s on the expensive side.
  • The motor is weaker as compared to other immersion blenders.

6 – Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender – Best Cheap Immersion Blender

Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender

Blender goes above and beyond an immersion blender in terms of performance. Smoothies, baby food, and foamy drinks can all be pureed with the immersion blender arm with the bell bottom.

The Cuisinart CSB-179 hand blender has significantly more versatility than most other brands. This immersion blender may be used to purée smoothies, blend baby food.

The Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand This compact hand blender comes with three attachments to make your job easier, and it’s easy to store after using it, making it great for smaller spaces. Clip-on the attachments to use the whisk, and you’re prepared to go. It’s big and pliable, so whipping up egg whites or making pancake batter will take a couple of minutes.


A powerful 300-watt motor is encased in a solid stainless-steel body of the Cuisinart CSB-179. The stainless-steel removable immersion shaft tapers down into a bell-shaped blade shield to secure hands and minimize splash.

The CSB-179 has two super soft buttons, one for power and the other for additional safety. Both buttons must be pressed to activate the device. Only the power button must be pushed after it has begun; the safety button can be withdrawn. With large, competent hands, this is simple to accomplish, and the comfort handle is built to accommodate a larger grip.

The immersion blending shafts, whisking head, chopper/grinder bowl, and mixing cup, for example, are all dishwasher safe.

Best Cheap Blender

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Whisk and grinder attachment.
  • Soft buttons.
  • Easy to use.
  • Do not crush ice.
  • Overheats when runs continuously.

7 – Vitamix Immersion Blender, Stainless Steel – Best immersion blender 2023

Vitamix Immersion Blender

The Vitamix Immersion Blender is a newcomer to the market, but I applaud Vitamix for doing such a product justice. Though there are a few areas where it could be better, it’s a major contender in the best quality immersion blendercorded stick blender market.

Its commercial-grade stainless construction makes it a good choice. It’s built to withstand a lot of use, and a three-year warranty backs it. A year’s warranty is, for the record, as the other rival companies offer. On top of that, there’s a powerful motor.


The Vitamix stick blender can handle challenging materials quicker and easier than normal models thanks to its strong motor. It can handle thick mixtures like frozen desserts or nut butter.

It isn’t comparable to a full-sized Vitamix blender. Nonetheless, it’s unbeatable in its weight class. Its five-speed settings can handle a wider range of products, which is a big plus.

Best Bullet Blender 2023

The Vitamix hand blender falls somewhere in the middle in terms of usefulness. You can operate it on your own. The power and speed buttons, on the other hand, are in an inconvenient place. It’s worth mentioning that it includes a handy speed indicator, as shown above. It has a utilitarian purpose in addition to its aesthetic appeal.

Best Blender for juicing is here.

  • Comfortable design.
  • Modern look.
  • Detachable shaft for easy cleaning.
  • BPA free
  • 3-years warranty.
  • Its quite expensive for an immersion blender.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

8 – Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender – Smart stick immersion blender

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender

An immersion or stick blender, such as the Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender, is a small, easy-to-clean handheld gadget that can be used for quick mixing. It’s straightforward, low-cost equipment that takes up less space and is ideal for modest operations.

The Braun Immersion Stick Blender has all you need to chop vegetables, purée soups, or make meringue in a small, multi-functional package. This handy gadget will undoubtedly boost your cookery skills. It’s simple to operate on your own, comes with various attachments, and has one of the finest warranties on the market.


With the Braun Immersion Stick Blender, this brand has started new creative cooking for you, your family, and your friends. For faster and smoother results, the blender incorporates stainless steel blades and a unique blending shaft.

Blades made of stainless steel are strong and long-lasting. The Braun hand blender is one of the best immersion appliances on the market, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with it. All attachments and components can be easily removed with a single click, thanks to the easy-click function. The only button you’ll have to worry about when using this machine is the pressure-activated speed lever. It’s incredibly comfortable, and you can use it with just a single hand.

Some parts of the immersion blender, such as the whisk, chopper cover, and gearbox, are not dishwasher friendly. You can wash the motor housing clean with a moist cloth.

Best Blender Under 100

  • Easy click function.
  • Turbo boost for more power.
  • 350 watts power.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Convenient and sleek design.
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty use.

Buying Guide: Features to Look For!

Corded vs. cordless: which is better?

Is there a lot of sockets in your kitchen or only one beneath the coffee maker? Both corded and cordless immersion blenders are available. Wireless models are typically less efficient and work best with easily blendable ingredients like homemade mayonnaise or icing.

Power & Speed

Most low-cost immersion blenders only have one or two-speed options. For the most part, you won’t want anything more. Look for a blender with 200 to 250 watts of power if you intend to blend raw vegetables or frozen fruit.


When we compare to full-sized countertop blenders, hand blenders are less costly. Their cost, however, fluctuates wildly, ranging from $20 to $350. For less than a hundred dollars, you can purchase an excellent one.

Easy to clean

Some immersion blenders are dishwashers friendly, while you have to wash others by hand. If quick cleanup is crucial to you, invest in a dishwasher-safe extension to avoid scrubbing.

Best Single Serve Blender 2023


Hand blenders are just as adaptable as countertop blending devices, which come with a variety of add-ons.
Compact food processor extensions can be just as effective as full-size ones (for smaller servings). If you don’t require a large food processor, this attachment can serve as an excellent alternative.

You can easily replace a hand blender with a whisk attachment. Just a heads up: it’s not as effective as a conventional stick blender or even a stand mixer because it just has one whisk. It will, however, serve you well for modest chores.

Decide wisely

This is a lengthy buying instruction for such a simple gadget. I wasn’t expecting so many variables to come into play. However, hopefully, we were willing to cover all of your concerns, and you now have an idea in place.

 Frequently asked questions ( FAQs )

What is the best immersion blender on the market?

One of the best immersion blender 2023 on the market is the Vitamix Immersion blender. A powerful 625-watt motor, 5-speed settings for optimum blend quality, heavy-duty stainless steel construction, and easy-to-use, single-handed operation are among its essential characteristics.

Is Vitamix immersion blender worth it?

Soups work well with the Vitamix Immersion Blender. This well-made immersion blender can handle hot substances and has a long shaft that makes it easier to blend in deeper utensils. It’s also incredibly simple to clean up liquid messes by hand. Cleaning is a breeze.

How do I choose an immersion blender?

Most low-cost immersion blenders have only one or two-speed options. For the most part, you won’t want anything more. Look for a blender with 200 to 250 watts of power if you plan to blend raw vegetables or frozen fruit.

Will immersion blender scratch pots?

Yes, if you make contact with the bottom of a pot, immersion blenders can damage it. To avoid scratching your pots, keep holding it at an inclination or blend slightly higher than the bottom.

Can you make smoothies with an immersion blender?

Yes, you can easily make smoothies with an immersion blender.

Final Verdict 

Nevertheless, a good hand blender is always needed without having to spend a lot of money. The Vitamix Immersion blender is our selection for the best immersion blender 2023 hand. It’s dependable, inexpensive, and completely straightforward, a rare combination of qualities in one product.

The Vitamix Immersion blender is not an entry-level option. It’s a stick blender with commercial-grade basic processor speed. I would absolutely recommend it if you’re searching for something in that range.

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