Best Food Processor For Nut Butter 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

You might be thinking about why we are discussing specifically the Best Food Processor For Nut Butter 2023. Let me tell you because nuts are considered as one of the healthiest foods worldwide.

The importance of a healthy diet for healthy living is undeniable. Our body needs all the essential nutrients to keep functioning correctly.

Best Food Processor For Nut Butter

Scientific research has proved that nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamia, etc are the source of high-quality nutrients, including Omega 3s and Omega 6s, that are hardly available in any other food groups.

DHAs and ARAs play a vital role in the growth of brain cells. And nuts have rich amounts of these two components.

Therefore, we are discussing the best food processors for nuts in 2023. We selected the best available brands and tested them for their performance and quality. Finally, we chose the 5 best food processors for nuts in 2023.

Best Food Processors for Nut Butter 2023:

No.Food ProcessorRatingPrice
1Hamilton Beach⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Vitamix A3500⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Vitamax A2300⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Amaste Cold and Hot⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Brewista BRNMSMS⭐⭐⭐⭐

5 Best Food Processors for Nut Butter 2023 Reviews

After thorough research, we have listed down the following 5 items as the Best Food processor For nut Butter 2023.

1 – Hamilton Beach Professional  – Multiple Functionality

Best Food Processor For Nut Butter 2022

Hamilton Beach is a trusted name for over 100 years in the kitchen industry. This food processor by Hamilton Beach is an example of exceptional quality and superior performance.


Professional Performance

Hamilton Beach is a professional machine. It works as a one in all solution to your kitchen works. It slices, dices, shreds, blends. and grinds like a pro.

Hence, this multi-tasking food processor is a must-have for your kitchen.

Extra Wide Chute

Easy preparation is a dream come true with this food processor. You do not have to cut the fruits or veggies in smaller pieces because you can put whole ingredients through the extra-wide chute.

Moreover, you can easily out a handful of nuts through the wide-mouthed feeding tube.

Convenient Storage

The processor comes with a storage box that can be used to store the accessories safe and packed inside the box. Hence, you save space in your kitchen.

  • Easy stack and snap assembly
  • 3 in 1 wide feed chute
  • Leak free bowl
  • Speed selection and pulse setting
  • Convenient storage
  • Multi functionality
  • Not all accessories fit in the storage box


This food processor for shredding by Hamilton Beach does all the jobs like a pro. You can easily grind or chop nuts in it and can make yummy and healthy nut butter by using this, one of the best food processor for nut butter 2023.

2 – Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series – High Performance Motor

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Vitamix Ascent Series Smart Blender is one of the best food processors for nut butter 2023, therefore, we have placed it in our list st second position. The unique features of this product will leave you amazed.


High-Performance Motor

This feature makes it the best choice for a nut processing machine. The high power motor grinds and blends the toughest ingredients to smooth paste.

Hence, you can make the healthiest nuts butter with this best budget food processor 2023.

One-Touch Program Settings

This food processor comes with pre-programmed settings that are displayed on the motor base where you can select your desired process by simply touching the button.

Self Cleaning

You dont need to disassemble the blender jug for cleaning. All you have to do is put a drop of your dishwashing soap and water into the jug and run it on high speed. Now enjoy the self cleaning and rinse.

  • Variable speed controls
  • High performance motor
  • Easy cleaning
  • Built in timer to avoid over processing
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Built in wireless connectivity
  • High price


This product is amazing. It mostly helps with everything in your kitchen and buying this product would be a very good decision. And you’ll not be occupied with your kitchen stuff anymore.

3 – Vitamax A2300 Ascent – Smart Blender

Best Food Processor For Nut Butter 2022 Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

This food processor is one of the best food processor for nut butter 2023. This flawless food processor can help you in kitchen in several things with it’s variable speed control and pulse feature.

And no more worries because this amazing food processor can last long and you can enjoy with it.


Variable Speed+Pulse

You can adjust the speed during the blend and achieve variety of textures. Moreover. the other option is you can also use pulse feature to create quick bursts of power

Self Detect Technology 

This blender food processor is smart! It’s motor base can automatically recognize your container’s size and it adjusts program settings and maximum blend times.

Built-In timer 

This product’s built in timer can help you avoid over or under processing your customized recipes. You just set the time and it will turn off the machine automatically.

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  • Variable speed
  • Pulse feature
  • Easy cleaning
  • Built in timer
  • Self detect technology
  • The product descriptions are misleading


This is a very nice product which could share your burden and you could be free. It almost helps you with everything in your kitchen. This product has many features that make it a perfect processor for making nut butter.

4 – Amaste Cold and Hot – Durable Glass

Best Food Processor For Nut Butter 2022 Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Amaste is the name of innovation and promising quality performance. This machine is one of the best food processor for nut butter 2023.

It can efficiently deal with almonds, peanuts, or any other nuts to give you the smoothest and creamiest butter out of your nuts.


Security Safe Device

This food processor for vegans is a safe and secure device. It has a leak proof seal with smart locks to ensure the lid stays in place during operation. In addition to this, the product is waterproof.

Hence, you are free of any worries related to the safety of yourself or your device.

Touch Panel Controls

This food processor has 9 pre programmed smart settings. that are operated through a simple touch panel control. You can select the desired job for your processor by simply touching a screen button and it will perform the job efficiently for you.

8 Blade Action

Why this food processor works so well for making smoothest nut butters? Because, it is equipped with 8 stainless steel blades that do not leave a single particle put in unattended. Finally you gwt a creamy nut butter.

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  • Large size
  • Total crushing power
  • Intelligent safety protection
  • Smart pre programs
  • Durable glass pitcher
  • Jug is too large to process less quantity of nuts
  • Not dishwasher safe


Amaste Food pricessor is the most perfect choice for nuts and dates. The efficient motor works at 4000 RPM aand makes sure that none of your nuts stay untouched.

5 – Brewista BRNMSMS – Best Food Processor For Nut Butter 2023

Brewista BRNMSMS Nut Butter and Smoothie Making Set-8 cups

Here comes the product without which our list of the best food processor for nut 2023 was incomplete. Brewista Nut Butter and Smoothie maker is an exceptional product that is made specifically to ease your nut butter making job.

As it is a processor that is designed to deal with nuts, you can use it to efficiently make fresh non dairy milks.


Motorized Arms and Spinning Wiper Blades

This feature is a unique quality that you will not find in any other food processor. The motorized arm spins the wiper blades to keep the nuts moving inside the bowl throughout the operation.

Hence, the final product you get is uniformly smooth and creamy. Moreover, you are free from the job of scraping the corners.

Virtually Zero Wastage

All that you get left over is nothing but the skins of the nuts and seeds. The processor does not let any nutritious part of your nuts go in waste. All the ingredients you put in are processed efficiently leaving nothing to be wasted.

No Straining Required

Making nut milk and nut butter at home can be a tedious job. You need a lot of pre and post effort for doing this job. Soaking the nuts, using cheesecloth for straining, squeezing any left over liquid, and straining to get smooth and even results are all the hectic things you have to go through.

This smart food processor for nuts, completes all these jobs inside the bowl. Hence, no soaking or squeezing required.

  • Motorized arm and spinning wiper blades
  • No mess
  • Easy cleaning
  • No filter to clean
  • BPA free
  • Extra set of container
  • Can be used for nut butter and nut milks only
  • Motor needs to be purchased separately


If you love to drink healthy non dairy nuts milk and enjoy nutritious breakfasts with energising nutsbutter, what else than this food processor for nut butter 2023 can be a better choice for you.

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying

If you are a nut lover and can’t resist yummy nut butters on toasted bread, inside the pies, or simply a spoonfull of butter in your mouth, you must be in search of the best food processor for nut butter 2023.

But, do not hurry. First, find out what features you should look in to buy the most appropriate one for you. Here is our buying guide to help you through.


When you buy a food processor for nut butter or for any other job, you should know the amount you will be making. Drinking and eating nut milk and nut butter daily sounds interesting but making them can be a hectic job that nobody wants to do on daily basis. It also available baby food processor in our blog.

Therefore, look for a food processor with large bowl size. So that you can make a bulk of butter in one go. Nut butters have long shelf  life and can be saved for months. Hence, if you buy a food processor for hummus with bog working bowl you will save your time and energy.


Transforming nuts to smooth butters or pulp free milks can be a tough job and you will need a powerful motor to do this job efficiently. Food processors with motors lighter than 500 watts badly fail in doing this job. You should look for a high power motor base processor to deal with nuts buttering.


Nobody wants to waste money on a machine that works for a couple of weeks or less and then sits inside the cabinet or is thrown out because it fails to work. Before you spend your valuable money, make sure that the brand you are buying is reliable. The parts are made with high quality durable products that last long.


There are many companies in the market selling a variety of food processors. Never forget to check the features of the product. It should be capable of performing the job you are buying it to do.

Similarly, if you want to buy the best food processor for nut butter 2023, you should check that it has all the required attachments for making smooth nut butter.

Why Make Nut Butter at Home?

You might be thinking, why are we suggesting you buy the best food processor for nut butter when you can easily buy a variety of nut butter available in the market.

Because we want you to enjoy the full nutrition of nut butter without exposing your health to preservatives; moreover, the nut butter you make at home is far healthier than what you get from the market.

You do not know what is in the paste you are eating in the name of nut butter. But when you make it at home, you select the best quality ingredients.

In addition to this, making your favorite nut butter at home can save you half of the cost you pay for a ready to eat nut butter. Hence, buying a food processor for nuts, even if it is an expensive one, is much cost effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many watts do you need to make nut butter?

Look for a machine that can run for a longer time without heating up. Any food processor that has motor power higher than 350 watts would work perfectly for making nut butter.

Can you use a food processor for making peanut butter?

Yes. Place your peanuts in the food processor and turn it on. The peanuts will go through different consistencies before reaching the desired stage. Turn the motor off when you see the peanuts turned into a smooth paste.

Is nut butter and peanut butter the same?

Peanut butter is the most loved nut butter throughout the world. Most people consider peanut butter as nut butter, but some nutritionists categorize peanuts with legumes. Still, peanut butter is enjoyed worldwide as the tastiest nut butter available in the market.

Can a food processor grind nuts?

A food processor can grind nuts, but you may need to chop them into smaller pieces to get consistent results.

Can you chop nuts in a blender?

You can chop nuts in a blender but do not expect even results because the blender is not designed to process nuts.

Final Verdict

We enjoyed guiding you in buying the best food processor for nut butter 2023. The 5 food processors have passed all the tests, and you can select any one of them, trusting our recommendations blindly.

As the final choice, we would like to go with the Hamilton Beach Professional Food Processor because it is an economical processor that makes nut butter efficiently.

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